We are two passionate riders and entrepreneurs who has always been very enthusiastic about equestrian clothing.

Even though our interest in equestrian wear and style goes back a long time, we started the journey of our PB brand in November 2020 and launched in October 2021.

Our search of finding the perfect riding wear inspired us to design and produce.After many trials and researches, we drew the most suitable leggings, in which we can feel the best in ourselves, without compromising our style, and carefully considering every detail, so our first model, the Figure tights, emerged.

We can feel that this journey, which we are only at the beginning of, will go much further with the love and attention you have shown. We will never get tired of working on every single detail for the comfort, style and perfection that you deserve.

We are happy to introduce our brand to you. Our goal is to make your trainings and shows more stylish and comfortable with the best quality and technology in manufacturing available today. It's been such a joy so far and we are ready for more!


With love,

P&B :)